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We live in a vibrant community in one of the greatest countries on earth. We've been lucky to have travelled to many destinations, but it always serves to emphasize how blessed we are to live where we do.  Growing and supporting this great city and province of ours is something we take to heart.

Donation requests from clients take precedence in our annual contributions to charity. We support as many causes as we can, so please understand that our budget is divided among numerous requests. 

Please Contact Us with your request and we would be happy to consider.


Check out some of the amazing organizations in our community that we have supported!


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We would like to give a HUGE thank you to our partners that made it possible to bring The Robb Nash Project to Bishop James Mahoney High School on December 2, 2016! With their contributions we raised over $12,000.00 which will allow us to bring this inspirational message to more Saskatoon students next year as well as contribute to the very important work that the Restorative Action Program is doing on the ground in our local high schools!

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The Robb Nash Project engages young people through the power of music and words, encouraging them to make positive life choices and lead lives of signifi cance and purpose. Following a life-threatening accident as a teenager, Robb Nash, lead singer and voice of the Robb Nash Project, experienced anger, self-doubt and depression. After working through these issues and recovering from signifi cant physical injuries, the highly acclaimed musician found his passion: connecting to young people with rock music and meaningful lyrics. Through personal stories, song and video, Robb sensitively deals with serious issues including drug and alcohol addiction, bullying, self-harm, depression and suicide. He inspires youth to stay hopeful, recognize their unique strengths and make positive choices. Audience feedback from students and educators consistently includes stories of remarkable personal breakthrough, realization of self-worth and personal growth. The Robb Nash Project is a message of strength and hope at a time when many youth need it most.

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The Restorative Action Program (RAP)  is a community driven program providing dispute resolution training and services, leadership development, and life skills to over 4675 youth in Saskatoon. RAP directly deals with bullying, relationship breakdown, violence, and crime that stand in the way of academic success and personal growth. The Restorative Action Program transforms the cycle of confl ict affecting youth into opportunities for learning, change, and growth. The Restorative Action Program supports and responds to the needs of all youth so they can live in safer communities.