Refer a Friend

Trust—our clients say we deserve it!* We offer expert advice in:

  • Entering retirement
  • Income planning in retirement
  • Evaluating pension options
  • Handling high taxable income
  • Selling farm or business
  • Transferring a farm or business to a child & equalizing nonparticipating children
  • Dealing with a spouse passing away
  • Planning for a child’s education
  • Making the most of a severance payment
  • Investing with lower risk and volatility
  • Transferring wealth to the next generation

If you have friends or relatives in any of these situations, help their peace of mind by using this referral form. No matter what their current situation is, we will match them up with the ideal advisor from our team and they will get the same service and professionalism that you did!

*based on our 2016 Client Audit, 93% of PWM clients were likely to provide referrals.

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