The PWM Difference

Remember when you thought: if only I were wealthy, all of my problems would be solved? Now you realize that managing your wealth comes with its own set of challenges – investment opportunities are vast, services can be complicated, risks appear everywhere, concerns grow about how your wealth will impact those you care about. In short, managing your money may feel less like good fortune and increasingly demanding.

Our trusted and award-winning team is grounded by the highest professional ethics and integrity, and guided by shared core values reinforced by our close-knit culture and experienced leadership. We’re independent, full-service, fee-based, and offer expertise in investment planning, risk management, and tax and accounting services, all tailored for high net worth individuals and families like yours.

While your concerns and aspirations may be shared by other investors, your circumstances are entirely unique. That’s why we ensure your diversified portfolio and long-term strategy are carefully crafted to meet your specific needs, your stage in life and your personal and financial circumstances.

We can help make this happen in three ways:

  1. We are direct: We work to be knowledgeable about you and your family situation and to understand what you want your money to do – and you can always count on us to be frank about how we can help you make it happen
  2. We’re your guide: We help you navigate the many choices you have and show you how to diversify to maximize gains and minimize losses
  3. You’re always in command: We’ll work our hearts out but this is about you, about maintaining your lifestyle and enjoying a comfortable retirement. Everything we do is focused on your needs.

The bottom line?

Whether you’re around the corner in Saskatoon, anywhere in Saskatchewan or across Canada, we’re personally committed to providing comprehensive, integrated planning and advice that builds your trust. And we’ll help manage and grow your wealth – so you can get on with enjoying the life you’ve created.

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