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5-Year AutoCallable Structured Notes

On Jan 26, 2017, PWM Private Wealth Counsel purchased a 5-year AutoCallable Structured note on the REIT index for the High Growth TFSA accounts.  If the REIT index was at or above par after one year, a client's return was 17%, and the note was automatically called away.  On Jan 26, 2018, the note did just that.  Your Portfolio Managers used the proceeds to purchase another 5-year AutoCallable note on the EuroStoxx 50 Index.  Every year on the note's anniversary it may be automatically called away, as long as the index is at par or higher. For each year the client holds the note, it will return 11.5% per year, so long as it is called away on one of its anniversary dates.  Should the Index be down each year for 5 years, as long as it is not down more than 30%, we will receive all the principal back.  

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