Discretionary Management

Enjoy more freedom plus the opportunity to seize wealth-building opportunities.
PWM Private Wealth Counsel has accomplished what few other investment managers have. We have completed the demanding educational, experiential and organizational requirements to be approved as Portfolio Managers, placing us in the top tier of all investment advisors in Canada.  The reason we have made this effort is, after over 100 years of combined experience, we have learned that this approach to wealth management provides the most significant benefits to our clients.

As Portfolio Managers, PWM Private Wealth Counsel is empowered to buy and sell a wide range of investments without having to encumber investors with paperwork for each trade allowing us to respond very quickly to economic and market changes, and to capitalize on opportunities. Investors are freed from the day-to-day administrative process of wealth management to be able to focus on their business and leisure priorities.

Fair and Efficient

Investments are purchased and sold “in bulk”, which allows all participating investors to benefit simultaneously, resulting in timely, fair and equal treatment. This also enables PWM Private Wealth Counsel to achieve operational efficiencies, which helps to reduce costs to our clients.

Objective and Unbiased

PWM Private Wealth Counsel is compensated based on a set fee for managing assets, and not by a commission or by completing transactions. Therefore, we are able to select investments and perform trades objectively and free from bias. Ultimately, our performance and success as an organization are dependent upon the performance of the investments and the success of our clients.

Transparent and Understandable

We adopt simplified fee schedules and reporting process that emphasize transparency and clarity. Our clients gain comfort from being able to understand and see both the costs of our services and the results of our efforts.

A Broader Range of Asset Classes

As Portfolio Managers, PWM Private Wealth Counsel is able to select from a much wider range of asset classes and investments than is typically available to most investors. Often called pension-style asset management, we review and consider traditional asset classes, such as publicly traded stocks and bonds, along with numerous alternative investment opportunities. Investors enjoy truly diversified investment portfolios, with an asset mix that is expected to enhance returns and reduce volatility.