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Giving Back

We live in a vibrant community in one of the greatest countries on earth. Supporting this great city and province of ours is something we take to heart. The goal of our community investment initiatives is to have a direct and lasting impact in the community where we live, work and play.

Our mandate is to support children’s initiatives and health & wellness in our community. We are passionate about giving back by supporting key initiatives through donations, sponsorships, and the volunteering spirit of our employees.

We are Invested in our Children:

Our children are the future. They are our future leaders, and they deserve our support. There are many charitable organizations, and sponsorship opportunities covering all areas including health care, education, arts, sport, and leadership. We are invested in our children in many ways and supporting our legacy is something we take great pride in.

We are Invested in a Healthy Community:

A healthy community is crucial to its ongoing success. We are committed to supporting all types of healthcare initiatives including both physical and mental health, outreach programs, research, and support.

Although donation requests from our clients take precedence in our annual contributions, if you have an opportunity that you would like us to consider supporting, please Contact Us with your request and we would be happy to consider.

Check out some of the amazing organizations that we have supported in our community! 


How can we help you?

Please contact us if you have a request you would like us to consider supporting.

"Thank you for your generous donation to Elmwood’s COVID-19 internal programming designed to ensure the residents we serve who live with intellectual disabilities remain engaged and in positive spirits."
Maggie Stevenson
Elmwood Residences