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Our Process

1. Discovery Meeting (1-2 hours)

In our initial meeting we will discuss your personal goals, needs and priorities which will allow us to identify the most appropriate strategies and recommendations. The better we can get to know each other, the easier it will be to build the most appropriate strategy.

2. Information Gathering (1-2 weeks)

Over the next week or two we will work with you to gather the quantitative and qualitative information relevant to your situation.

Prior to your discovery meeting, you will be provided with a simple list of first meeting requirements such as investment statements and a lifestyle needs questionnaire. Your complied documents will allow our planning team to prepare your financial plan.

3. Analyze Situation & Develop Holistic Plan

Once your advisor has a complete understanding of your financial situation, we will identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, develop projections, and analyze and integrate the resulting information relative to your personal goals, needs and priorities.

Once we identify and evaluate the appropriate financial planning strategies, we then develop and prioritize recommendations. Our aim is to optimize your financial position now and in the future. Our advisors focus on the following areas as they are pertinent to your situation:

  1. Wealth Creation
  2. Cash Flow Management
  3. Tax Minimization
  4. Business and Farm Transition and Succession Planning
  5. Retirement Income Planning
  6. Estate Protection and Legacy Planning

This document creates the foundation of our relationship. Once this foundation has been built, it can be easily adapted to accommodate changes.

4. Present the Financial Plan (1-2 weeks after first meeting, 2 hours)

Approximately two weeks after our initial meeting we will meet again to present the financial planning recommendations and supporting rationale. This is done in a way that allows you to make informed decisions.

At this time, we will also discuss our investment recommendations based on your risk profile and time horizon. A risk analysis will also be completed, if appropriate to your situation. Depending on the recommendations, we may schedule a follow-up meeting with our Risk Management and Insurance Advisor.

Follow-up meetings will be arranged as required to ensure that you have a clear understanding of our recommendations. We understand that we need to earn your business and trust by providing value specific to your situation. At no time will there be pressure to do business with us.

5. Plan Implementation: Actions, Responsibilities & Time Frames

Together we will discuss the implementation and action plan. We will determine responsibilities and time frames and provide you with a summary of your action items to help keep you on course. Our goal is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be, and our advisors are here to guide you on that journey.

If you choose to have the PWM Discretionary Portfolio Management team manage your investment accounts, a meeting to complete the required paperwork will be scheduled with your advisor or one of our licensed client care specialists. This meeting will take approximately 1 hour and can also be accommodated through the mail and/or electronically.

6. Routine Planning & Strategy Meetings (one to two times per year)

A plan is a great tool to gauge your progress, however it does not do you much good if it sits on a shelf. We consider your plan to be a living document that needs to be reviewed and updated as your situation changes. We will meet regularly to ensure it is monitored closely and that you stay on track to meet your goals, needs and priorities. We are always available at any time should you have any questions or need our expertise.